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My name is Ivan Ruby

I am a Ph.D. Student and Web Developer


I am a Mozambican full-time dreamer and Ph.D. student in Educational Technology.

My research philosophy is based on the belief that as a society, we are as advanced as our least-advanced communities. Hence, I explore the role of Education and ICT as vehicles of empowerment and upliftment of disadvantaged communities.

Currently, I'm researching how Introductory Computer programming education can be adapted to the needs of the 21st-Century and of the 21st-Century learner to foster inclusion and accessibility.

Latest work

The promise of the "learn to code" movement
TheConversation Canada
  • OK

    OK Programming Language JS Natural Language Neutrality

    OK is a Programming Language designed to be used with any Natural Language (English, French, German, Hindi, etc) with a simple and meaningful syntax that compiles to JavaScript.

  • Glotter

    Glotter Compiler Algorithm Natural Language Neutrality

    A Glotter is a Lexical Analysis tool that, combined with the Lexical Analyzer (Lexer), converts the source code into a sequence of Lexical units (tokens) provided a Language-context.

  • Glotation

    Glotation Annotations Algorithm Natural Language Neutrality

    A Glotation is a special type of comment that includes a source Natural Language attribute and the comment message that allows

  • HeroJS

    HeroJS JS Local storage ORM

    Hero.js is a Javascript Library built to provide Local or Offline Storage, Geo-location and caching functionality to web pages

  • ChongaCSS

    ChongaCSS CSS Utility

    ChongaCSS is a bilingual CSS utility framework